Greater Sacramento Pinball League


Mission Statement

Greater Sacramento Pinball League was founded in March 2023 with the goal of bringing together players of all levels

 for fun friendly pinball competition and camaraderie.  The goals of GSPL are to meet others who enjoy the great hobby 

of pinball, and to be able to play a variety of games in a fun competitive environment. 

League night is every other Tuesday, with a four-game high score tournament. All members play the same four games and record their scores. Using Match Play to track league, with INDISC scoring (100 for first, 97 for second, 95, 94, 93, ...).  Points tracked over a 6 night season (12 weeks). Members who attend at least three weeks (not including Alt nights) qualify for an end-of-season playoff tournament. Playoff tournament is a four-strikes tournament using Match Play Events web-based software.

Estimated Players: 36


GSPL is an IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) sanctioned league. As such, all players are encouraged to read the IFPA rules of play and player conduct. League nights and playoffs will be run based on IFPA rules.  

Personal player conduct is key to a successful league and GSPL players will be expected and required to follow the IFPA player conduct rules. GSPL managers reserve the right to disqualify or ban any players showing a blatant disregard for the rules of personal conduct.

League Details

League Membership: 

GSPL will be limited to 36 players per season. Members are encouraged to attend all 6 league nights during a season. If a player attends at least 4 nights, they are guaranteed a space in the following season. Players who attend fewer than 4 nights, may still register for the following season if there are openings.  

If more than 36 players wish to register, a wait list will be created on a first come first served basis for prospective new members. Members in the most recent prior season, who attended fewer than 3 nights will be placed at the bottom of the wait list. With the exception of players who have a “life” issue and discuss their need to miss more than the normally allowed number of nights, or an entire season, with GSPL management. In those cases, at the discretion of GSPL managers, the player may be placed at the top of the wait list. 


GSPL season dues are $20, paid prior to or at the start of the first night of season play. Payment of dues constitutes registration for the season. We require your name and email address, and optionally phone number if a player wishes to provide it at time of registration. Primary communication with players will be via email, or through the web site at

Let's Play Pinball!